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Lectures and Seminars

Since 2002, I have lectured as a teacher at Berghs School of Communication, Anders Beckman's School of Design, Konstfack and Sörängens Folkhögskola. I have had creative writing classes and invited students to workshops in storytelling. I have also been a mentor for young copywriters and writers.


How does your language work? Are your texts well disposed? Do your texts engage the readers? Are you tired of your own personal style or do you have trouble with language and tone in different contexts?


I provide individual support and coaching in your writing process no matter what type of texts you write. By sharing texts you have written, you get constructive feedback, advice and support on how to proceed. You can order tutorials in one, three or six hours. The longer the course, the more time for exercises and feedback. 


Personal guidance is given in meetings. It can also be done through email, phone or Skype sessions, but my experience is that meetings face to face, always gives the best results.


If you are interested in my lectures or my storytelling courses later this year – send me an email!

Carl Fredrik Holtermann

072-930 88 98