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Carl Fredrik Holtermann is a Swedish screenwriter, writer, illustrator and artist with a particular interest in complex relationships, dark comedy, dramedy and romcoms. 


From the early ‘90s onward, Holtermann has written extensive prose, poetry, columns, copy and commercials on behalf of numerous major cultural institutions and listed companies. A recurring theme in Holtermann’s writings is nightlife history, but he has also co-written several books on design and culture. 


Early on in his career Holtermann began writing texts about the people he's encountered, ranging from notes and fragments to elaborate character descriptions and short stories. This specific project has been stretched over 30 years and contains writings about over 3,000 people.


Holtermann has another unique project titled “Therapy walks”. In this work, the artist arranges highly innovative and interactive guided tours through various parts of Stockholm, during which he shares stories about personal experiences he’s had at the sites along the way. Within the framework of “Therapeutic Pictionary” he further illustrates reflections about life and all the situations that arise when people meet. 


Holtermann has studied at Berghs School of Communication, Beckmans School of Design, Stockholm Writer’s Academy and recently graduated from Alma Löv Script Academy. He is currently developing several projects for the screen.

Carl Fredrik Holtermann is represented by Salomonsson Agency.