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Gå ut (Going out) Albert Bonniers Förlag

A comprehensive book about Stockholm's nightlife history between 1967 and 1997. It covers the time of the basement clubs in the late 1960s. The years that constituted the great disco in the early 1970s. The rise of the punk. The underground world of clubs. Stockholm jet set at Café Opera and the nightclubs around Stureplan. The first house and the rave clubs...”


– Albert Bonniers Förlag

An extended – and totally revised edition of the book – is in progress.

Planned release sometime in 2021!

The Oases of Europe

”The artist and writer Carl Fredrik Holtermann have traveled around Europe and visited nearly 400 bars, bistros, cafes, bars, private clubs, beer halls and discos. One thing they have in common is that they all, in some sense, are “timeless". They have a long history, its own culture, regular guests and a unique atmosphere. There are bars where guests still remember guests like Beckett, Cocteau, Gainsbourg, Almodovar, Juan Carlos and Bardot. It is the Spanish and Portuguese pipa clubs. After hours bars in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Barcelone, Madrid. Fashion Mafia places in Milan and classic cellar pubs in Prague. ”Ølcaféer” in Copenhagen and coffeshops in Amsterdam. Historic gay bars, clubs and private clubs where the royals can have a ball undisturbed.”

Release date: 2021.